Bumble the Bard in Camelot

About this site

Q. Who is Bumble?
A. Bumble is a minstrel from the Percival server in Dark Age of Camelot. Before that he was a bard in Ultima Online. Follow the link to visit the Bumble the Bard in UO website.

Q. How did you make those animations?
A. I made numerous video screen captures, then lifted the images I needed. Many of the images had to be repainted to achieve the effects I wanted. After that I built the animations in Flash.

Q. Is there a tool (like InsideUO) that can extract animations directly from the data files?
A. Not that I know of. If you find one, please let me know.

Q. Do sims really stretch and yawn like that?
A. Yes. It is one of the "fidget animations" that the Mythic animators put in.

Q. I have a comment or an idea - how can I get in touch with you?
A. Send email to: bumble AT bumblethebard DOT org