Bumble the Bard in Camelot

Animations: Fear My Sim

This is a series of Flash animations featuring the beautiful but dangerous Dezaxa Deathwynd of Percival and her amazing simulacrum. Each animation is approximately 500 Kbytes, so depending on your connection speed, they may take a little while to load.

Simmy versus the Firbolg Simmy versus the Troll
Simmy versus the Celt Simmy versus the Norseman
Simmy versus the Lurikeen Simmy versus the Dwarf
(Others may follow if I get around to it)

The graphics in these animations were derived from Dark Age of Camelot and the copyright on them belongs to Mythic Entertainment. Thanks to Mevious of Guinevere for posing as the celt hero.

Miscellaneous Animations

Some miscellaneous stuff