Bumble the Bard in Camelot


Santa comes to Camelot
The King's New Castle (part 1) The King's New Castle (part 2)
Unwelcome Visitors The King's Advice
Taxing Affairs (part 1) Taxing Affairs (part 2)
The Unfortunate Visitor Bumble's Indiscretions
The Troubles of a King The Strange Affliction
Bumble's Secret Rogue Traders
What are they thinking? (part 1) What are they thinking? (part 2)
What are they saying? (part 1) What are they saying? (part 2)
Favourite pastimes of Camelot

The graphics in these cartoons were derived from Dark Age of Camelot and the copyright on them belongs to Mythic Entertainment. One of the cartoons contains images derived from Ultima Online, and the copyright on them belongs to Electronic Arts. Thanks to Barrek of Percival for posing as the king.