Bumble the Bard in Camelot

You know you've been playing too much DAoC when...

You go round to the local police station and ask the duty officer if he has any kill tasks for you.

You are driving your car and keep looking for the auto-follow button.

You are driving into a traffic jam and you look for the camera toggle so you can pan up to see what's happening down the road.

You drive your car into the vehicle in front, and when the other driver asks why you didn't stop, you say, "I didn't realise they'd implemented collision detection."

You see someone running across a street and your immediate thought is: he must be lagging.

You ignore what people say to you because you think you can scroll up and read it later.

You are playing a sport and an opponent sprints past you at great speed. You turn to a team-mate and say, "Must be a skald."

You keep complaining that your job is nerfed compared with the lawyers in the office down the corridor.

You can't understand why your friends give you a strange look when you greet them by saying, "Hail to thee!"

You think it would be OK to jump out of the window of your office building rather than take the elevator down, because one fall can't kill you.

Someone tells you it's their birthday today, and you ask them what level.

You start wondering what colour your boss cons to you.

You complain to everyone you meet about how you spent all the money you ever earned learning weapon crafting.

You tell your friends that if they need weapons of any kind, you can supply them at cost price.

You see someone approaching who you don't want to talk to and you wish you had a snare spell so you could get away.

You see a firework display and you remark, "That's nothing, you should see my Major Conflagration spell."

You go to see your doctor and when he asks what he can do for you, you say "Can I get some buffs?"

You meet up with some friends to go out for the evening, and you ask them, "Are we going for the experience or for the loot?"

The minister from the local church calls on you, and you ask him whether he's specced in smite.

You suspect that your overweight neighbour is really a troll, and you wonder how many realm points you would gain if you killed him.

At the end of a business trip you decide that the quickest way to get home would be to suicide out on some armed guards so you can return to your bind point.

You want to buy some new boots so you stand in the middle of the shopping mall and yell, "LOOKING TO BUY LEATHER BOOTS" at the top of your voice.

You hear on the news that some celebrity has died, and you wonder how long it will be before he respawns.

You can't understand why people give you funny looks when you decide to swim fully clothed across a river rather than use the bridge.

You enter a busy restaurant and remark to those with you, "This place is camped already."

You come home late after a night out and try to stealth upstairs, and you find yourself wondering whether your wife has the See Hidden ability.