Ancient Wyrm a particularly nasty dragon-like monster
Balron a nasty demon-like monster
Britain the capital city of Britannia
Britannia the country where the Ultima adventure takes place
Chocolate elemental there are earth, air, fire, water, and several other elementals, but I made this one up
Cyclops a large one-eyed monster
Destard a dungeon inhabited by dragons
Dire wolf a specially fierce and aggressive wolf
Dragon come on, you know what a dragon is
E-bolt Energy Bolt - an offensive spell
Ettin a large two headed monster
Fire Isle a volcanic island where the dungeon of Hythloth is found
Gargoyle a magic-wielding monster
The Guardian a big bad guy of the Ultima world. So far he has not appeared in UO.
Harpy half man, half bird
Herder tales tell of a mystic purple llama herder
Hythloth a dungeon inhabited by hellish fiends
ImaNewbie a character from Tryon's ImaNewbie does Britannia ImaNewbie is a wonderfully endearing character, but is notorious for his ineptitude at combat and for losing fights with chickens
Lord British, Lord Blackthorn the two chief noblemen of Britannia
Mongbat a rather feeble monster
Ogre a large, fat monster
Orc a small but fairly strong monster
PK player killer: someone who kills other players' characters
Provocation a skill possessed by bards with which they can cause monsters or animals to attack other monsters or player characters
Purple llama a strange beast occasionally spotted in Britannia
Reagents ingredients for magic spells
Recall a travel spell
Runestones the means of magical travel
Serpent's Hold an island town in Britannia
Shame a dungeon inhabited by elementals
Skara Brae an island town in Britannia
Sosaria the fantasy world where everything takes place
Terathan Avenger a spidery monster
Trinsic a town in the land of Britannia
Troll a large humanoid monster
Water elemental a monster
Wrong a dungeon
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