The Knights of the Eternal Flame

by Bumble the Bard

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Amidst a sea of ne'er-do-wells and men of evil mind,
And thieves and knaves and vagabonds and others of their kind,
We stand, a knightly order, set apart from all the rest,
Who clothe ourselves with Honour, and with Honour we are dressed.
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When those we see around us are needy or afraid,
Compassion guides our hearts and we will gladly offer aid.
For kindness and Compassion like candles in us burn,
Especially for those too poor to help us in return.
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When wicked men cry "Havoc" and evil stalks the land,
Then Justice is our war cry and a sword is in our hand.
If tyrants and oppressors come then we will make them feel
The clashing and the slashing and the bashing of our steel.
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Though our country is beset around with false and foolish talk,
So that perjurors and liars are as common as an orc,
We devote ourselves to Honesty, and as the sky is blue,
We swear to tell no falsehood and to champion what is true.
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Though we are knights and warriors and form a mighty band,
We are also called to help the common people of the land.
The hardest of the Virtues and the rarest one to find:
Humility we offer to all Sosarian kind.
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While most men think exclusively of the baser things in life,
Like food and beer and horses and how to find a wife,
We contemplate the higher things and wisdom strain to see,
And in every way we strive to raise our Spirituality.
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If service to our order should demand the highest price,
Then all stand primed and willing to offer Sacrifice.
Our knights are true and loyal, and noble to the end,
And will always give unstintingly to a brother or a friend.
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Though titans fight against us and murderers swarm near,
Though nameless horrors prowl the land and fill our hearts with fear,
Though madness, hate and chaos seek to tear us all to shreds,
Valour is the helmet that we wear upon our heads.
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Though the Guardian himself should come and try to steal our souls,
We will never be distracted from allegiance to our goals.
For we'll never be defeated, nor ever put to shame,
If we're loyal to the Virtues and the ever-burning Flame.

The End

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