A Song for UO Lovers

I'm a seasoned warrior and I have ventured forth,
From the jungles of the farthest south to the mountains in the north.
I've witnessed many wonders, and I've often been amazed,
But my lady is the fairest sight I've seen in all my days.

My lady is the loveliest rose that ever graced our land,
She holds the very soul of Beauty captive in her hand.
Sweetness and serenity shine from her bonny face,
And if you disagree I'll introduce you to my mace!

If my lady were imprisoned at the bottom of Deceit,
I would set forth on my charger and would neither rest nor eat;
And though a thousand lich lords should attempt to block my way,
I would slaughter every one of them and carry her away.

If my lady were abducted and held captive by some knaves,
Behind the twisting hedges at the centre of the Maze,
I'd track those wicked villains and I'd wield my trusty bow,
And I'd teach them more of archery than they ever cared to know.

If my lady's house were guarded by a dragon or a wisp,
And it bid me thence depart lest it should fry me to a crisp,
I'd battle it tenaciously, with bare hands if need be,
For my lady's company means more than life itself to me.

If I possessed the power of the burning midday sun,
And the strength of orc and troll and ogre, all rolled into one,
I'd still feel weak and trembling when I looked upon her face,
For to gaze upon her is to know the essence of pure grace.

And if my words were multiplied and if I could prolong,
The music of my simple harp and the singing of my song,
From day to day, and year to year, 'til ages yet to be,
I could but tell a tenth of what my lady means to me.


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