A Plea for Help

by Bumble the Bard

Dear Lords and Ladies of the Flame
I've come to you for aid,
I've a strange and sickly fever
And it makes me much afraid.

I believe that it first started
When Tylia I did meet,
For I felt a warm sensation
From my head down to my feet.

When I come into her presence
My cheeks turn fiery red,
For all the blood I carry
Seems to rush into my head.

When from her I'm parted,
I cannot concentrate.
My thoughts they wander here and there,
It happens oft of late.

I used to sleep quite soundly
Upon my bed at night,
But now I fret and toss and turn
Until the morning light.

I also used to gorge myself
I'd a hearty appetite,
But now I don't feel hungry
And I hardly touch a bite.

I went to see a healer
And explained to him my plight,
He told me just to take some pills
And said I'd be all right.

I'm sure he was a charlatan,
The pills did me no good,
My condition went from bad to worse
As I feared it would.

And so I wrote this message
In the hope that you might know,
From the symptoms I've described above
What is it ails me so?

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